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Amy's Army Seeks Bone Marrow Match

11-Year-Old Mt. Lebanon Girl Battles Leukemia

POSTED: 9:57 am EST March 1, 2004
UPDATED: 10:30 am EST March 1, 2004

A Mount Lebanon girl in critical need of a bone marrow transplant is looking to the public for help.

Sunday, hundreds of people went to Temple Emanuel in the South Hills to have their blood tested to see if they are a donor candidate for Amy Katz, 11, who has leukemia.

With so many people showing up, her family is confident a match will be found.

Lisa Katz, Amy's mom, said, "We've found so many good people out there, who we know and don't know, who just want to be there to help. It's phenomenal; it's amazing."

The volunteers have started a national campaign to find a donor.

For more information on how you can help, call (877) AID-4-AMY or visit the Amy's Army Web site or marrow.org.

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