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Amy's Army needs volunteers!

Amy’s Army is a group of volunteers dedicated to finding a stem cell donor who can help Amy. We are looking for a few good men and women who are willing to volunteer for the following plum assignments:

  • Please help us staff a Donor Drive - We need volunteers to help staff all positions at our upcoming donor drive. Please contact us whether you have experience in any of these areas or not. We will train you so experience is helpful but not necessary.

    The following roles are needed:
    • Greeters happily greet everyone, coming and going.
    • Registration table provides orientation and instructions to applicants.
    • Medical Screeners check for properly filled-out forms.
    • Traffic Directors ensure an orderly flow of applicants from station to station.
    • Food Planning and Preparation keeps the staff and volunteers happy during the drive.
    • Contribution and Recognition table makes sure that financial donations are properly recorded.

  • Volunteers are needed now to stand forth and hold out their arms. These valiant men and women offer that which is most precious: the hope that they could be the one to help another person be healed and grow strong. A simple test and YOU could be the one to help Amy or others in need of a stem cell donor. It is important for you to step up, and sign up, to help increase the chance of a cancer-free life for Amy and many others like her.

  • Volunteers are needed now to help with the Amy’s Army fundraising that is necessary to defray the laboratory testing expenses connected with a donor screening drive.

  • Volunteers are needed now to staff the Amy’s Army information booths at Central Blood Bank drives being run now in area communities. Informational flyers, posters and training will be provided.

We urge you to contact us if you can find a way to help. Please e-mail us at to signal your interest and to find out more about how you can serve.



Toll-free :: (877) AID-4-AMY
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